• Delicious nights in 

    Together let's raise money to help Feeding Britain.


    Saturday 6 March at 6.30pm

  • Delicious nights in


    Enjoy a convivial, fun cooking lesson over zoom. Hang out with some scintillating company, sharpen up your cooking skills, learn some interesting food facts, then sit down and join us for dinner or even book your own table (zoom room!).


    Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned pro, Delicious Nights In lets you cook with ease and enjoyment. 


    Run by Ucci Wellness and hosted by Kuli Singh from Kuli's Kitchen, this special event will be raising money to help Feeding Britain; a charity working towards a hunger free UK.


    As a community, we realise how lucky we are; that not only can we afford to eat but we can also indulge in these types of activities. We would like to give back to those who aren’t so lucky. Since the first lockdown last year in March, there are now up to 7.8 million adults and children in the UK missing meals or going hungry. In a classroom of 30 children, up to 6 will be living in a family experiencing food scarcity. 


    By donating a minimum of £20 per person to Feeding Britain you will help to provide hot meals and food packages to families on low incomes. 


    So what are you waiting for? Donate now!

    What you get:


    This event is hosted online on zoom. From 6.30pm on Saturday 6 March, spend the first 2 hours cooking with our resident food educator, Kuli, who likes to create dishes using ingredients from all over the world that are tasty, healthy and nutritious.



    Together, we will be cooking:


    The bountiful mediterranean tapas

    A vital and diverse plate composed of balanced, nutritious, delectable morsels!


    Seasonal dessert

    We will confirm the dessert based on bookings and dietary requirements one week before the event.



    Shopping list:


    One week before, we will send you a shopping list of what and where you can buy each ingredient. All ingredients should be available at your local Tesco, Sainsbury or Waitrose, but if you have any questions, please email us and we will get back to you asap.


    And finally:


    Once you have created your meal, why not dine with us and get to know us better! We can even organise break out rooms, so you can chat more intimately with your fellow guests.


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