• Being creative and living a healthy and active life promotes your mental and physical wellbeing.

    At Ucci we offer a variety of tailored workshops aimed at the curious individual or organisation. Whether online, in your work place or in cool venues we will use a blend of creative practice, playful exploration, exercises and mindfulness techniques that deliver positive benefits to you.


    Our instructors are highly trained in each specialism and will work closely with you to ensure the content and structure compliments each participant and helps transform them into their best possible self.


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  • Ucci Wellness & theLodge.space presents


    8 Week Transformational Programme

    18 October to 12 December

  • Has Covid-19 made you more aware of your mental and physical wellbeing? Are you now choosing to live a better lifestyle, cooking with more fresh ingredients, exercising more and making more time for friends and family?


    Or has it made life more difficult? Are you comfort eating to help ease any anxiety or worry about the future or maybe you've reduced the amount of active, physical workouts you do now you're stuck at home?


    Whatever your situation, one thing we will all have in common is the need to make a positive change.


    With our Look Good Feel Good Transformational Programme, you are not alone. Let our team of experts help transform you into the person you've always wanted to be. Imagine a future where you instinctively make time and space in your life for fun and laughter, activities to keep you fit and strong and the right food choices that are not only joyful and exciting, but are nutritionally optimal for you!


    In this 8 week programme our experts will coach you on mindset, exercises, nutritional choices, recipes and so much more to set you up for long term success. This is not an eight week crash diet plan; this is a course to set you up for life.


    Together, theLodge.space fitness instructors and Ucci Wellness nutritional experts will help you to remain motivated and strong. We focus quality on scientific evidence and quality: quality in our movements and quality in what we put in our mouths: to sustain, to energise, to nurture, to create joy and community in our lives too (no plain chicken breast and broccoli here, don't worry!). In this programme, learn about what is and isn't highly processed (you will be surprised!) - what to buy, how to cook it so you are never bored and precisely why it is so good for you.


    So what are you waiting for? Become the best version of yourself by joining the Look Good Feel Good Transformational programme and let our wonderful team of experts help you look good and feel good inside and out.


    ANY QUESTIONS? Please feel free to ask by filling in the form at the end of the page.



    What you get:

    This programme is 100% online, but fitness classes can be taken at the studio or online with the correct distancing measures. Most sessions will take place on a Sunday.

    • 1 x Goal setting session. 
    • 2 x Educational Mindset Videos. From our Coaching Expert to help you stay positive and overcome your inner critic, essential for long term success and happiness.
    • 5 x Nutritional and Health Coaching Classes. Our Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach, Alpa Karia will take a science based approach that will reduce inflammation and disease, increase energy and rewire your body to burn fat and not store it. She will cover topics such as comfort eating, cravings, stress, sleep and how to make good habits and break bad ones. 
    • 3 x Cookery classes and even more videos by our Food Educator, Kuli Singh. How to solve the omnivore's dilemma: what to cook, morning, noon and night? Let us show you the way to easily create meals that are not only delicious and gourmet, but have the quality and diversity of ingredients to leave you nourished, your skin glowing and free from illness. A zoom evening of fun cooking (glass of wine optional)​!
    • Look Good, Feel Good Nutrition & Food Guide. The essential guide on how to master your nutrition with over 20 recipes to try over the course of the programme. 
    • TheLodge.space fitness instructor to keep you accountable with your fitness plan. We will advice on how many classes you should be doing per week according to the goals you set and research based evidence.
    • Access to Ucci Wellness Facebook Community. A hub of support, positivity, stories and education. This is where we chat about everything and anything to help keep us accountable each day so that we reach our goals.
    • 1 x 45min coaching call. Choose to talk to one of our experts about everything and anything!
    • Live facebook Q&A with our experts and guest speakers.
    • 48 hour correspondence and support. Any questions or check-ins will be managed by Ucci Wellness and we promise to get back to you within 48 hours.
    Bonus offer for participants who are currently not members of theLodge.space:
    • Unlimited exercise classes in the studio or online for the eight weeks that you are on this programme. Choose from 35 classes per week.

    Standard ticket: £199.99

    Early bird ticket (ends 4 October): £179.99

    For non-members of theLodge.space

    An 8 week online life changing programme. This programme is designed to offer you health and nutritional guidance, support and accountability.
    Purchase this ticket if you are not an existing member of theLodge.space to also receive unlimited exercise classes at theLodge.space for the duration of this programme! (Real value £409.99)



    Cancel before 5 October 2020, receive 100% refund

    Cancel after 5 October 2020, no refund

    theLodge.space member offer:

    Standard ticket: £140.00

    Early bird ticket (ends 4 October): £120.00

    As an existing member of theLodge.space this coaching programme is designed to offer you health and nutritional guidance, support and accountability. The exercises you choose to do are to be purchased through your normal theLodge.space membership, but this special offer gets you up to 40% off the normal ticket price. (Real value: £200)



    Cancel before 5 October 2020, receive 100% refund

    Cancel after 5 October 2020, no refund


    Programme dates: 18 Oct - 12 Dec


    By tapping into our creative reserves and practice we can enhance our personal wellbeing, problem solving abilities and creative thinking. We believe that creativity is a practice which helps cultivate more intuitive, productive and positive responses to new challenges.

    Everyone leaves with strategies and plans for how they can build habits and fuse creativity, exercise and wellbeing into their daily life.


    - Focus exercises

    - Playful group drawing exercises

    - Individual drawing exercises

    - Free drawing time


    - Breathing exercise to bring focus to the day

    - Visualisation exercise

    - Discover affirmations that work for you

    - Create your vision board and learn how to use it


    - Introduction to building a healthy strong body

    - Pilates at your desk

    - Create your own food & exercise routine

    - Learn how to stay on track

    - Relaxation techniques to aid better performance


    - Playful idea generation games

    - Exercises to enhance intuition and creativity

    - Build your own creative toolbox

    - Draw or write your own diary

    - Schedule creative reminders


    - Learn to move and feel energised first thing in the morning

    - Find out how important it is to have a clutter free home or workplace

    - Learn how energy can flow and change your life with Feng Shui

    - A week of balanced food tips

    - Work on your future goals with visualisation exercises and your very own Vision Board


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    How are you getting on with those new year resolutions? Do any of them involve building habits into your already busy lifestyle? With only 24 hours in a day, tell me who’s got the time to sleep 9 hours, meditate, hit the gym, make breakfast, do yoga, network, take up a hobby, have dinner with...


    If you want to create long term change and productivity for yourself or your company,

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