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    8 Week Transformational Programme

    with weight loss focus!



    Start any day from 11-25 October 2021

  • Whether you are wanting to lose weight, function better or be more confident in your skin, we believe the Look Good Feel Good programme can help you achieve your goals.


    Can you imagine a future where you instinctively make time and space in your life for activities that make you mentally and physically strong and the right food choices that are not only joyful and delicious, but never make you put on weight? 


    We're pretty sure that juggling all your work and home responsibilities can make it challenging to focus on yourself. One year on from lockdown and it’s only natural that you might have formed some bad habits; more snacking, a higher consumption of sugary foods, less exercise and more netflix! 


    When you join the Look Good Feel Good programme you get a team of experts in the field of health and fitness to coach and support you on this journey. Hell, do you think Beyonce is a success on her own? No, of course not! She and others like her are successful because they have a team of coaches behind them.


    Our 8 week transformational programme is not a crash diet plan. We don’t believe in counting calories to lose weight as you will only put it back on when you stop dieting. It’s an inspirational, holistic programme that addresses every factor that affects your weight and how you feel. There is never a one size fits all and our team of experts will work with you to find a dietary and wellness plan that works for you as an individual.


    This programme will teach you how to integrate intermittent fasting into your life so that it feels effortless and gives you its amazing benefits. For you that could be reaching that holy grail of metabolic flexibility, which allows you to eat to satiety and finally lets your body remember how to burn fat and not just store it, or it could be about having more energy for your day ahead. This fasting and feasting approach is designed to fit in with your biology and allows you to enjoy treats whilst still losing weight. And in this way you will lose weight without going hungry or tired.


    Together with theLodge.space fitness instructors and Ucci Wellness team of motivational, health, nutrition and food experts, our evidence based approach combines different styles of exercise with the right food groups to help you stay focused, energised and reach your optimal bio-individual weight.


    We have tried and tested this programme with CEOs, doctors and entrepreneurs, and they all agree that its the most supportive, intelligent, and realistic way to total body weight loss and mind transformation.


    So what are you waiting for? Become the best version of yourself by joining the Look Good Feel Good Transformational programme and let our wonderful team of experts help you look good and feel good inside and out.



    What you get:

    The majority of the coaching sessions will be online or in video format so you can watch them in your own time. Exercise and yoga classes will be live on zoom with the option to do in person studio classes at theLodge.space. You will also get 20 min HIIT videos for those especially focusing on weight loss. We also have a private online community so we can support each other to reach our goals. Depending on the easing of lockdown rules, we will try to organise some face to face time at the beautiful theLodge.space cafe.


    The 8 weeks will consist of:

    • 1 x Goal setting weekIn this week, you will look at your goals and create a wellness plan that works for you.
    • 1:1 Mindset coaching. Our Mindset Coach will support you in getting the best mindset and overcome your inner critic, essential for long term success and happiness.
    • 6 x Nutritional and Health videos + check-ins. Our Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach, Alpa Karia,  will take a science based approach and will address all the  factors that affect your weight,  covering when to eat and the art of intermittent fasting, what to eat and the balanced plate, how to eat and mindful eating and  why we eat and emotional eating.   She will also cover gut health and food sensitivities and also support you with your sleep and stress.
    • 2 x Cooking classes and many more videos. Our Food Educator, Kuli Singh will show you the way to easily create meals that are delicious and have the quality and diversity of ingredients that leave you nourished, satisfied, and maintaining your optimal weight. 
    • Look Good, Feel Good Recipe Book. The essential guide on how to master your nutrition with over 25 recipes that will tell you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, to reach your desired goals.
    • 20 Minute Daily Power videos. A series of HIIT sessions to help you burn fat and feel amazing.
    • Assigned coaches to keep you accountable with your wellness plan. On a weekly basis, the team will advice you on your wellness plan and make sure that it has an holistic approach that works for you, and includes the types of exercises you should be doing and also the rest you should be having.
    • Access to Ucci Wellness Facebook Community. A hub of support, positivity, stories and education. This is where we chat about everything and anything to help keep us accountable each day so that we reach our goals.
    • 4 x 45min coaching calls. Choose to talk to each of our experts about everything and anything!
    • Live facebook Q&As with our experts and guest speakers.
    • 48 hour correspondence and support. Any questions or check-ins will be managed by Ucci Wellness and we promise to get back to you within 48 hours.
    Bonus offer:
    • Unlimited exercise classes in the studio or online. Choose from 35 classes per week to include yoga to make you feel good inside and out and Pilates to strengthen your core and build muscle!

    ANY QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact our team using the contact us form.


    Standard ticket: £400.00 

    For non-members of theLodge.space

    This coaching programme is designed to offer you health and nutritional guidance, support and accountability. Purchase this ticket and also receive unlimited exercise classes at theLodge.space for the duration of this programme! (Does not include aerial yoga).

    Coaching without studio or online classes:

    Standard ticket: £320.00

    This coaching programme is designed to offer you health and nutritional guidance, support and accountability. It excludes thelodge.space membership and access to all online or studio classes.



    2 months before programme starts, receive 100% refund

    1 month before programme starts, receive 50% refund

    2 weeks before programme starts, no refund



    Don't delay, join today!

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