Visualising your thoughts is one of the most powerful ways to improve your performance, attitude and life! If you're feeling stuck or you want to stay on track with your future goals, then why not create your very own Vision Board.

    When you create a Vision Board, you are creating a sacred space where your thoughts will be externally displayed, making it easier for you to focus on these things and be reminded of your goals and life choices. These spurts of quick, daily visualisations will soon turn into an exercise that sends positive messages to your brain and activates in real life what you have just imagined. Olympic athletes have been using this exercise for years, and it is based on The Law of Attraction, (whatever positive mental energy you put into the universe, you will be the recipient of positive outcomes).
    I would like to invite you to spend an enjoyable evening working up your own Vision Board. In a calm and soothing space, the evening will start with a short exercise to clear your mind of the day and help focus on positive thinking. During the evening, spend time searching and looking through magazines and papers and cutting out pictures and words that inspire you or move you in some way. Then have fun sticking them and your own little trinkets to your Vision Board. Here you will meet like-minded people and be part of a safe space to share (if you want to) and nurture your ideas.

    Enjoy herbal teas from the cafe, ambient music and aromatic oils to help distill your ideas and structure your thoughts onto paper. Before and after the event, we will contact you with more information and a few exercises on how you can get those creative juices flowing.


    ANY QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact me using the contact us form.



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