• Being creative and living a healthy and active life promotes your mental and physical wellbeing.

    At ucci we offer a variety of tailored workshops aimed at the curious individual or organisation. Set in cool venues or at your place of work, we will use a blend of creative practice, playful exploration, exercises and mindfulness techniques that deliver positive benefits.


    Our instructors are highly trained in each specialism and will work closely with you to ensure the content and structure compliments each participant and helps transform them into their best possible self.


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    Do you need some help in making your 2020 New Year Resolutions come true?


    Did you know that the energy in and around you is the key factor to becoming a success and accomplishing your dreams?


    Ask Katy Perry, Oprah, Beyonce, Novak Djokovic and most Olympic athletes the key to their success and they will all tell you it's about believing in yourself. And to do this, you need a positive mental attitude, a well nourished mind and a healthy lifestyle.


    If you would like the tools to be a success in your personal or work life, then why not join this full day workshop. Learn from our Feng Shui and Decluttering experts on how to create the right environment, allowing space in your life to let changes happen. This exclusive event will also provide you with daily exercises and a healthy eating routine that will ensure your energy levels stay high to accomplish any goals you have, whether they be short or long term.


    The last part of the day will be dedicated to mental conditioning and creating your very own Vision Board. We will go through a series of exercises to help you train your mind to see success. Our minds are the most instrumental at determining our successes and mental conditioning helps to build and strengthen our minds, a common practice among athletes and peak performers. Our instructors will give you the tools and techniques to conquer 2020 with confidence and make this your best year yet.


    And it doesn't just stop there. After the workshop you will have access to our online ucci wellness community where our experts can continue to support your journey with tips, reminders and accountability!


    So if you believe in the power of positive thinking to stimulate your every day actions (or you would like to), then this workshop is for you!

    What will you get out of it:

    - A living space that brings you calm and focus

    - Simple Feng Shui tips to help balance the energy in your environment

    - Food tips and recipes that nourish the mind and body

    - Daily exercise and movement tips to increase your energy levels

    - A Vision Board to focus on your short or long term goals

    - Techniques to master mental conditioning and perform better

    - A positive experience and the motivation to make those lifestyle changes

    Long term benefits:

    - Increased life span and better health

    - Weight loss and improved body composition

    - Lower rates of depression or distress

    - Greater resistance to the common cold

    - Better psychological and physical well-being

    - Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

    - Happiness and fulfilment

    Location & Price:

    Date: Saturday 29th February 2020

    Time: 9.30am - 5.30pm (with snacks and nutritious lunch)

    Location: The Bridge, 73 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0NQ


    Ticket prices:

    • Standard ticket (from  17 Feb): £95.00
    • Standard buddy tickets (from 17 Feb): £170
    To purchase tickets, please click HERE



    By tapping into our creative reserves and practice we can enhance our personal wellbeing, problem solving abilities and creative thinking. We believe that creativity is a practice which helps cultivate more intuitive, productive and positive responses to new challenges.


    These are just some of the workshops we love to do. We run 180 min workshops, full day events or a package of workshops over a number of weeks. The structure varies according to the length of the session and typically begins with a short introduction into mindfulness using breathing and visualisation techniques that will deliver positive benefits for the individual, teams and companies. Everyone leaves with strategies and plans for how they can build habits and fuse creativity, exercise and wellbeing into their daily life.



    - Introduction into mindful drawing & creativity

    - Focus exercises

    - Playful group drawing exercises

    - Individual drawing exercises

    - Free drawing time


    - Introduction to Vision Boards

    - Breathing exercise to bring focus to the day

    - Visualisation exercise

    - Discover affirmations that work for you

    - Create your vision board and learn how to use it


    - Introduction to building a healthy strong body

    - Pilates at your desk

    - Create your own food & exercise routine

    - Learn how to stay on track

    - Relaxation techniques to aid better performance


    - Playful idea generation games

    - Exercises to enhance intuition and creativity

    - Build your own creative toolbox

    - Draw or write your own diary

    - Schedule creative reminders


    Whether it's for your personal life, career or both, creating the right environment in the home, being health conscious, exercising, eating well to feed your mind, body and spirit are all key to a successful life ahead.

    - Learn to move and feel energised first thing in the morning

    - Decluttering benefits - How important is it to have a clutter free home or workplace?

    - Feng shui - Learn how energy can flow and change your life.

    - Nutritious lunch and a week of balanced food tips.

    - Work on your future goals with visualisation exercises and your very Vision Board


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    How are you getting on with those new year resolutions? Do any of them involve building habits into your already busy lifestyle? With only 24 hours in a day, tell me who’s got the time to sleep 9 hours, meditate, hit the gym, make breakfast, do yoga, network, take up a hobby, have dinner with...


    If you want to create long term change and productivity for yourself or your company,

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