If you want to create a culture of health in your organisation, wellness programmes need to be able to meet the individual needs of everyone. At Ucci Wellness, our programmes extend beyond the traditional to develop healthy habits among employees, increase productivity, optimise human resource investments and boost employee engagement. Check out some of the weekly classes, coaching programmes and workshops we have that can also be tweaked and tailored to your organisation's requirements.

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    - Stress busting yoga at your office or online

    - Daily or weekly classes, during or out of working

    - Stretch out tired and tight muscles

    - Induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing and meditation practices

    - Float out of your yoga class feeling energised, revived & relaxed.

    - Suitable for all levels of yogis



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    - Improve your posture and alleviate aches and pains

    - Strength and flexibility training to help your body get toned and strong

    - A typical corporate Pilates class will strengthen your core, help reduce back pain, increase flexibility and strength, and increase focus and co-ordination.

    - Office Pilates classes are available for one-off events, a course of weekly classes in the office or on zoom.

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    - 30 minutes of journaling and mediation online and before work to start the day with calm and positive energy

    - Helps to achieve goals by improving focus and attitude

    - Helps to relieve any stress, anxiety and work pressure

    - Helps to gain self-confidence

    - Improves writing and communication skills.

    - Strengthens memory

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    - Exercises to focus the mind

    - Playful group drawing exercises

    - Individual drawing exercises & tips

    - Free form drawing time

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    - Exercises to feel energised for the day

    - Importance of a clutter free home or workplace

    - Feng Shui tips for energy to flow and change your life

    - A week of wholesome food recipes and healthy takeaway options

    - Set your goals with visualisation exercises and your very own Vision Board

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    - Introduction to building a healthy strong body

    - Learn when to eat, what to eat, how to eat and why we eat (emotional eating)

    - Your gut health and food sensitivities

    - Create your own meal plan

    - Sleep and stress solutions

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    - Playful idea generation games

    - Exercises to enhance intuition and creativity

    - Build your own creative toolbox

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    - Breathing exercise to bring focus to the day

    - Visualisation exercise

    - Discover affirmations that work for you

    - Create your vision board and learn how to use it


    At Ucci Wellness, we strongly believe that adding moments of movement and creativity into your employees daily working life, will cultivate more intuitive, productive and positive responses to any new challenges, and inevitably, boost their overall happiness levels.